Touch Switch

Designed for your existing infrastructure

Black Glass

black glass

White glass

White glass


Stone Gray


Stone White


Dark Veneer


Light Veneer


Black Polycarbonate


White Polycarbonate


Silver Polycarbonate


Gold Polycarbonate

Switch to Smart with our exquisite range of Touch Switches

Upgrade to Zemote without any changes to your existing wiring.

5 years warranty

Customize every aspect

Custom colour

Created with inspiration from Nature, the Zemote switches can be customised as per your requirements. Shown below are two of many customizable options.

Custom Icons & Text

Precision engraved switch icons allow you to customize the icons to match the decor.

Custom Stone

Zemote stone switches help you elevate any elements of marble or stone used in the decor. These switches can be customised as per selection of marble or stone.

Custom Wood

Zemote wooden switches provide a modular solution for vintage aesthetics. These switches can blend with any wooden elements in your home with the liberty of customisation.

Ambient Light Sensor

Intensity of background light changes as per ambient light to ensure minimum brightness at night

Available in all sizes

Explore multiple options and choose the one that fits into your house walls.

Live Feedback with Zemote App

These switches work in sync with the Zemote App

Limitless Possibilities

Specs and design come in abundance with Zemote

Scene Control

Use our App to convert any Zemote switch to control Scenes

Fire Resistant

Your Zemote switch is fire resistant, ensuring the safety of your loved ones

Can be used with wet hands

Zemote touch switches are shock-proof and reliable even while using with wet hands.

Smart Technology at its best

With Innovative products from Zemote, redefine your lifestyle in one go