smart door lock

Unlock from Anywhere

Zemote gives the power to control access to your home from anywhere in the world with the super smart Zemote App.

Fingerprint Access

Zemote door locks are equipped with state of the art capacitive fingerprint sensors to ensure a smooth entry home. Shuffling through pockets and purses to find keys is a thing of the past.

Passcode Access

Passcodes are not just for accessing smartphones anymore. Set a 6-12 digit password on Zemote Smart Lock to access home.

Mechanical Key

It is sometimes good to hold on to the old when upgrading to the new. A set of computerized mechanical keys is a part of our Smart Lock package.

Durable Battery Life

Zemote Smart Locks consume the lowest amount of power and come with a one year battery life. It is recommended to use alkaline AA size batteries for these locks.

Enhanced Security

With great power comes great responsibility and that is the reason Zemote’s powerful door locks are powered by the latest encryption technology to ensure our users get the peace of mind that they deserve.


Attendance Logs

Zemote always strive for the best as that is what we want our customers to have. Complete attendance logs are available in the Zemote App to check who entered home at what time.

Premium Finish

A lock is what defines the first impression of a home. To enhance the aesthetic value of your home, Zemote locks use only the best materials to achieve a premium look.

Automatic Light Control

Entrance lights can be configured to turn on by pairing with the smart lock module. No more groping around in the dark to search for the light switch.

Reliable Mechanical Arrangement

Security of the family is of utmost importance for everyone. Team Zemote takes security very seriously and has ensured that by providing triple bolt protection in the door locks.

Real Time Notifications

Get notified in real time by the Zemote App. For example, get notified when your child has reached home. Select who you want to receive notification for from the app.