About Us

Zemote is a leading manufacturer of IoT based Home Automation Products specializing in Smart Touch Switches, based out of Pune, India. With over 7 years of expertise in this industry, we provide a complete Home and Office Automation Solution to our clients. Completely developed, designed and manufactured in-house with a customer centric approach, Zemote products add value to thousands of lives every day. It’s all part of our unwavering commitment to building affordable innovative products for everyone.

Our Mission

Zemote aims to disrupt the smart switches market with innovative IoT products which are controlled by a mobile device. Our mission is simple yet radical since we want to shape the future of connected home lifestyle with our wide range of products.



Founder and CEO - Contera Engineering

Technology veteran and a seasoned business leader, Devansh has demonstrated stellar results in machine and product designs for commercial applications. He has over 10 years of experience in robotics, industrial machines and consumer electronics. After graduation from IIT Bombay, he has designed and developed machines for P&G and other government agencies before starting the R&D of Zemote Products.


Product Advisor

Professor Amarnath is amongst the most decorated servants of academia in India. He shaped the Mechanical Engineering department at IIT Bombay for nearly 40 years and held several senior positions including Head of Dept and Dean of Student Affairs. He also led SINE, the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre at IIT Bombay till his retirement. He is credited for establishing the Robotics Lab and the Innovation Centre at IITB. The pathbreaking industrial projects he has delivered include a Remotely Operated Robot for the Army Technology Board, which led to him winning the Patwardhan Award for Technology Development in 2015. He is also well known for his work with the Government if India. Some of his notable contributions include being member of TePP Open Innovation Network and the PMC of NIDHI-PRAYAS, Department of Science and Technology.


Supply Chain Advisor

Having successfully setup a national farm-to-fork supply chain for multiple products within a few years after graduating from IIT Bombay. Neel has been instrumental in guiding the design of Zemote’s supply chain operations. As the CEO of Iscon Balaji Foods, Neel brings in many years of practical experience in new product manufacturing, vendor management, procurement and distribution networks. Under his leadership Iscon Balaji Foods has received numerous awards from multiple state governments in India for operational excellence.


Commercial Advisor

A global executive passionate about building consumer brands, Ishank currently leads an international brand in China for AB InBev. In his prior role as a management consultant with BCG, he formulated commercial strategies for seed funded private companies to large public companies across India, South Africa and the UK. An engineer from IIT Bombay with an MBAfrom Wharton, he brings in local and global best practices and knowledge on trends shaping consumer behaviour that help define Zemote’s commercial and marketing strategy.

Our Journey

Building Affordable World Class Products