How Interiors and Architects are important to the Automation Industry

A designer has to not only design but detail out the materials to be used, how it has to be used and get it executed. Designers have to meet the demands that clients make, be it by saving space, or adding aesthetics or making the space more ‘tech savvy’. More often than not, designers have recommended smart home solutions to solve these problems. With clear vision in mind, and an honest conversation with the client, designers play a huge part in bringing automation systems closer to homes.

Home Automation also known as the ‘Smart Home Technology’

allows you to control the functions of your home using the ‘Internet of Things’. It enables you to automate your home giving control to multiple devices via remote control, sensors or voice command. In recent years, the popularity of the home automation industry has also surged. Hence, the market for smart home gadgets continues to grow.

On each project, designers have to take into account the purchase and procuring of materials as well. This is always governed by the scope and budget of the project. Most designers have well-established vendors with long standing partnerships, but they still put in hours of research to bring to their client the best products.

With the increase in demand for Smart Home Systems in most homes

from luxury to mid-sized apartments, clients often look to Chinese manufacturing or outsourcing for prompt execution. However, designers who look at the holistic picture here, look for products that not only offer prompt execution, but also maintain an impeccable after sales record.

Considering how people redo their homes in 15, maybe 20 years, designers have always looked to companies that boast of high quality manufacturing and also an impeccable after sales record. Designers here are crucial in convincing the client, sometimes showing them the larger picture of spending a little more money for ease and convenience that lasts years.

Always looking to push the envelope, designers are always in the market to look for things that give them an edge. It is more lucrative if companies offer a variety of options and on top of that the convenience of customization. Designers can always incorporate these systems, be it switches or appliances to blend seamlessly with their aesthetic.

Zemote offers a wide range of Home Automation Systems

Touch Switches and Retrofitted modules, efficient after sales service with warranty up to 5 years and a variety of customization options as well. The best partnerships between architects and home automation consultants are the ones that last. Many architects and designers recognize that smart home technology can be a valuable factor when planning a dream home for their customers and therefore are inviting home automation consultants to collaborate on relevant projects.