Zemote Home Automation App

Zemote App is available to download for free at the Play store and the App Store. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your home at the tap of a button with the Zemote App.

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Set up and customize scenes from the App. A scene is a combination of tasks that you would want to be executed for a particular situation.

For example, you can create a scene to watch a sports match. With just one tap, your curtains will open, lights will turn ON, fan will turn ON at speed of 3, AC will turn on at 24 degrees, TV will turn ON and the Set Top Box will switch to the sports channel. Another example of a scene can be to turn OFF all appliances when leaving home.

Scenes can be executed with just one tap of the Zemote App.

Create custom scenes for your different moods


Zemote offers you the convenience of scheduling your appliances. You can schedule any appliance to turn ON/OFF at a particular time. Our modules learn the schedules and will execute them even when there is no Wi-Fi available.

A sample schedule can be to turn the Geyser ON at 6:30 AM and turn it OFF at 07:00 AM. This way you get hot water when you wake up and don’t need to worry to turn the Geyser OFF, thus saving on electricity bills.

Another example of a schedule can be to change the AC temperature periodically at night. You can start the AC at 22℃, then schedule it to change to 24℃ at 02:00 AM and turn OFF at 04:00 AM. Thus you will not have to wake up in the middle of the night to change the AC temperature ensuring a good night’s sleep for you.

Schedule your Smart Home Appliances


This is your main controls screen. All modules that you have added to your account can be viewed on this screen. Room structures can be created from settings section and those will be visible here.
The small red circle above each room shows the number of appliances that are ON in a particular room. This way you can know if you have left something ON in a room.

Complete Home Automation Controls

Guest Access

This is a very unique feature of Zemote. You can give access to your guests of the room they are staying in. They can control the appliances of that particular room but cannot make any changes to the module or room settings. You get to decide the period for which you want to grant access to your guests. You can also use this feature to give your kids access to the appliances of their room only.

Hotels can use the feature to provide their guests an access to their room on their smartphones, thus ensuring a comfortable stay.

Create separate access for guests and kids


We want to ensure that we add value to your life through our products and thus we have made our solution to ensure that you get to reduce your electricity consumption while also adding convenience to your life.

You might have forgotten to turn the Geyser OFF in the morning or left the AC ON when leaving home. Well, no need to worry about that now. Zemote notifies you in case you have left some appliances ON while leaving home. It also notifies you in case some heavy appliance like the Geyser has been left ON for a longer period of time.

Get notifications when you forget to turn OFF appliances

Mood Light

The Smart Universal Remote has a LED lamp attached to it. You can set the color of the lamp from our app and can chose from 16 million different color options. The lamp can serve as night light and you can schedule it to change colors throughout the night to ensure a soothing atmosphere.

You can create a scene where the light can be used with a color that suits your particular mood.

LED lamp on the Smart Universal Remote